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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Can't Stand Prosperity

This week I have actually gotten ahead on my writing. I used to always keep two or three days ahead on my serial fiction, just in case I had a day where something really got in the way. Unfortunately that got sidetracked before the rash of computer problems and laziness came along. Anyway, I'm finally getting back on an even keel...I thought.

Then I somehow managed to post tomorrow's entry this morning. Daft. Completely daft.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Some friends of my girlfriend are in a battle with Best Buy over a defective television. She came home last night and asked me "What's that consumer advocate guy's name?" I did know one off the top of my head, oddly enough, so rather than a more generic search she went to the internet looking for David Horowitc.

I remember him having a segment on local news in LA called 'Fight Back' I think. You could write to him care of the station and he would go after the evil car dealer, insurance adjuster...whatever. He came off like a real do gooder. When I was a car salesman I was not impressed by some of his stuff with car dealers, since it often seemed like blackmail; 'you are definitely in the right, but once we splatter you over the airwaves that won't matter' type stuff.

I feel vindicated now. I hadn't seen Mr Do Gooder on the air in a long time, but he is apparently still active. If you have a consumer type problem he will resolve it, according to his website. As I well remember, he makes no distinction about whether or not you are in the right, he just trusts his market power to force the company to give in...for a minor fee. Of course if the target checks his website they will see that all they need to do is hold out through three letters...since that is all you get from him for your $175.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another trip to the airport

I've been comparing. Last week I went to LAX to pick up my mom. Dropping her off for her trip was easy, I didn't even have to park the car. Going to pick her up was typical. I seem to be cursed. When I meet a plane it is generally late.

It was made worse by really knowing her plane would be late. The weather that day had the biggest storm cell in the country looming over the midwest; a huge blot obstructing the path from Chicago to LA. But knowing that makes no difference when you are a couple hours from the airport.

So the logistics of the pick up trip are definitely worse than the drop off.

But today my girlfriend is coming back from a business trip to Dallas. This will be a great visit to the Burbank airport. Far better than taking her down there Monday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm so proud of myself

Blogger's spell checker has been on the fritz for three days. So far I've gotten no editorial comments on Arvil Bren: Trail of the Archmage. Three posts proofed mano a mano. And I didn't even throw this out there on Monday as a plea for mercy.

What I'm most proud of though is that I am getting back on track with the writing every day.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Trying to find humor

I have this idea that what I write here should be funny. Maybe not every time, but at least frequently. I'm pretty good at keeping myself amused at the misadventures of my day to day life, so one would think I should be able to point out at least one thing that I laughed about today.

Unfortunately I recognize that a lot of my amusement arises from things that would fall into a lot of people's idea of 'sick humor', and in the wake of the hurricane that demands some discretion, even from me. Plus, I've promised to keep politics out of this blog, so the biggest jokes of the moment are out of bounds. You know who they are.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Catch up

A week with no internet connection at my girlfriend's house left a mark. Given that my brother lives in Louisiana I can't call it a disaster, but perhaps last month I would have. I am finally getting sorted out. My brother, on the other hand, is out of contact...most likely due to lack of power and phones. He was far enough off the storm track to not get seriously damaged and I did hear from him with the last of his phone batteries, so I'm guessing all is well there.

Anyway, it's amazing how the things that get done on a daily basis with relative ease can fall behind and become huge projects. Yesterday I finally got Arvil Bren's Journal up and running. I got back on the net in time to meet my monthly Noon Spool deadline. Now I'm back here, settling back into my favorite digs. It's so nice to write without caring much if anyone reads it.

On the other hand there are a couple short stories rolling around in my head that I really want to write...I might have my own submission in Noon Spool next month.